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    I’m a newbie. This is my second day. I’m just learning the site and following the instructions. As far as I understand, to begin I go to the Practice link, but yesterday I selected ‘All Courses’ and started at the beginning, learning the D chord. Is this correct or should I begin at the Practice Tab? Anyway, so far I like the structure, especially your enthusiasm, it really helps.


    I’m 54 and live in Cleveland. I will practice daily, even if its only 10-20 minutes because I really want to learn.

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome. Glad you made it here.

    The forum is a great place to get feedback both from myself and other students. There are guitar players of many different levels here and you’ll find that sometimes a student that has been where you are recently can give you some great tips.

    To answer your question… It would depend on how much guitar you played. It sounds like you might be a brand-new beginner (a.k.a. newbie).

    If that’s the case I would recommend The Roadmap. It’s a step-by-step program design for newbies, or for those who want a review of the basics. The idea is to check off each of the steps as you complete them… Or as I often say achieve about 80% competency (use your own judgment). You can always access it from the HOME dashboard, but here’s a direct link: https://realguitarsuccess.com/courses/starting-new/

    Once you’ve completed the roadmap I’d recommend spending some time every day on The Monthly Practice Plan. It’s a fun way to practice and you can be confident you’ll be getting work on all the essential aspects of playing guitar over time.

    At the same time feel free to start any of the courses that seem like it would be helpful. As you probably noticed there are many. For organized to give you an idea of which level they are created for.

    10 to 20 minutes a day should work… The key is to be consistent and persistent.

    Please ask questions anytime here in the forum or in the comments sections of the lessons.

    I look forward to supporting you and encouraging you on your guitar learning journey.


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