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    My name is Grant, I’m 73, and reside in Santa Rosa, Ca. I have been trying to figure guitar out on my Taylor acoustic for quite awhile, but it has been slow and I have wasted a lot of time. I recognized the need to get professional help and came across Bob’s videos. I sensed Bob’s expertise and liked his personality and approach, so I am committing to being a part of RGS and growing under his instruction.


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    Hi Grant I’m Jack. First, you are definitely in the right place! Tomas is a great guy. you will achieve your goals. I worked out of Santa Rosa for years. although I lived and worked in Napa Valley. Santa Rosa was the main office. don’t let you age get in your way 🙂 I’m your senior by some years 🙂 Best of luck Jack. Oh I’m now in Hereford AZ



    I am humbled! I had a senior moment referring to Tomas as Bob! Forgive me Tomas!

    I am really enjoying the lessons. I started at the beginning of the adventure series, worked through the first two series and struggled a bit with the tablature. I appreciate the 80% approach which I am applying to the tablature lessons. I plan to continue on to more of the adventure series, but taking a little time out to work on the February’s lessons, finding delight in beginning to get the chord progression and melody down in “Needle and the damage done,” (Lesson 2).



    Hi Grant. No problem. I get called a few names… Michael comes up the most (probably because of my last name Michaud). I thought I’d check in and see how’s it going?

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