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    Hi everyone! My name’s Ellen. I’ve been playing guitar off and on for twenty years…but not very well. I only know the open chords and sometimes have trouble switching smoothly between them. I’ve never taken a lesson or practiced regularly. The thing I love to do is sing…and especially sing folk music with friends…and I really want to get to a point with guitar where, post-COVID, I’d be able to lead group folk music singalongs (using the wonderful book Rise Up Singing). Hoping this course will help me get there. (Oh–I play acoustic guitar and I’m in Minneapolis.)

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    Hello Ellen !

    I’m Jack

    I’ve been around here for awhile now. I’m sure you will enjoy

    your experience here. Tomas is a great guy

    and will help you any way he can.

    Welcome to RGS




    Thanks, Jack!



    Welcome Ellen. It’s good to have you here. Leading groups in sing-along is like a great goal. I let the music at church for many years and really enjoyed it. It will be invaluable for you to learn to switch smoothly and without thinking about it. It’ll also help to understand common chord progressions and song structure. You’ll learn all that in both the Beginner’s Journey and the Guitar Gym. It’ll be helpful for you to go through the Beginner’s Journey quickly as a review. I look forward to seeing your progress.😀



    Thank you, Tomas! I initially found your program because my brother recommended I learn barre chords, and I saw that you have a terrific looking course on barre chords. But yes, it looks like the Beginner’s Journey would be the best place for me to start. I’d like to learn guitar properly this time…

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