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    My name is Sissel. I am 54 years old. I am married to Frans. We have no children, unfortunately.

    Music is surely my great passion. I started singing in a youth group when I was 15. Since then I haven’t stopped singing. The guitar came later on my path. From my 30th til my 40th I have been playing like I imagined it should be. Then there was a rest for 10 years. And now, since 4 years, I owe an Aria Concert Guitar. When some months ago I was looking how to play a certain chord I found the explanations of Tomas’. For three months I was following his videos for everybody. I felt I could work “together” with him also via internet. Then we, my husband and me, thought it was also a good idea to dare a jump into the RGS.

    So that’s the way it went.

    I am very grateful for this possibility. Of course I am still a bit fumbling around. I would like to post a video, but I don’t know at all how to do that. I am not at all a computer freak…

    Also I am struggling with the structure of practice, but happily I found the guitar practice routine from Tomas somewhere. As well as I am now at the end of the third adventure I also feel that working on the technique with that 31 days schedule is also very important.

    Thank you Tomas for being very enthousiastic and especially always positive!

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    Hello Sissel. Welcome! Your story is very similar, except I don’t sing…..and you should be happy with that:) I won’t bore you with details I was an experienced guitar player with a classical guitar and had studied classical guitar. Tomas advised be not to join, that his class was beneath my capabilities. I joined years ago have been very happy and I’m Many years older than you are. Tomas is a very knowledgeable and caring person and has greatly increased my knowledge of music.

    Jack Lockhart



    Welcome, Sissel. I am absolutely delighted to have you here. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions here or below the lessons if I can help.

    BTW… The easiest way nowadays to create a video of your playing and post it is with your phone and YouTube. I made a video to help: https://realguitarsuccess.com/create-guitar-playing-video/

    No pressure, but I think once you get the hang of it you have fun.



    Hi Tomas

    Thanks for your answer. This seems very easy to do. Is the whole world able to see that video or is it only to see on RGS? A little detail…



    Hello Jack

    Thanks for your answer! Great that you are still playing guitar. Music is an anticipation of life in heaven. That’s why I get deeply touched by it.

    Good luck further on with your guitar!




    Hi Sissel, You can set YouTube to either make the video public (the whole world can find it), unlisted (doesn’t show up in the YouTube search), or private (must have a link to watch).

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