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    Hi everyone,

    Im irma. Im from bandung. Ive literally hold a guitar in my junior high.. Not playing it, just holding it. Ha! I dont have close friend i can learn guitar from.

    So seeing guitar played really unfamiliar thing to me. Till 2,5 yrs ago i desparately learn guitar in my very hectic daily routines , working mom with kids. I really have to force my self to save some time to learn guitar. So i made it 1hr a week, taking private lesson. I learned so hard to finally able to play some basic chords, with very beginner’s quality.. At least the guitar sounds as the least it sounds! Not like a thumb thumping on a string as it was before.. Lol..

    But i felt i need better system to learn guitar.

    So here i am. Wasting my free 14days offer from thomas by not making time to explore the whole sites. Well, i decided to try this first month. Hope i find my way here.. I beilieve i dont simply choose to join with thomas by coincidence.

    And Before im really getting seriously old, think i better hurry and catch my chances.

    Hope i’ll get supports and encouragments needed to speed up my progress from the community here.


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