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    Hi, I’m quite new to the site, about a month now, and I see things like Groups, Friends and Forums, and I haven’t found out how to access them yet. Just a little about myself, I’ve been struggling to learn Guitar for a while now, what I would really like to learn is finger style with the melody mixed into the chord patterns. When I started this program, I figured that I picked up some bad habits along the way, so I decided to start from scratch, haven’t even looked at the finger style course yet, been just working on the basics, chords and chord changes, any other suggestions or info on the groups, friends and forums, thanks

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    Hi Paul,

    Sounds like you’re doing things the right way.

    Forums – There are 4 forums right now… 1) Introductions, 2) Lesson Requests, 3) Community Help Forum (where most questions are asked) and a new one… Saturday Night Cafe (I’ll be sending an email soon about this).

    Friends – you can request others to be friends and accept invitations from others. You’ll then share activities like accomplishments, badges, etc. You might want to try it out and see how it works.

    Groups – no groups yet.


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