Finger stretching and flexibility issues

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    I hope i CAN CALL YOU THAT SINCE i NOW PAY FOR YOUR HELP RATHER THAN LURK ON YOUTUBE! Sorry for caps, but heck its an example of my fat fingers and flexibility issues. Any way, for example making a 3 (thumb to pinky) with my left hand has become easier, when I do it with my right hand the 3finger is half bent down.

    When I hold my arms out in front of me, I cannot turn my palms face up horizontal, they’re still tilted inwards. I worked with my hands for many years, then got a degree and have worked on a computer for 16, and I still cannot type without looking at the keyboard.

    Since taking up the guitar a couple of years ago, I watched those finger yoga like stretches and attempted them myself and I will say my left hand has improved, so I am not in total despair of never gaining flexibility. However, working just the top of the fretboard finger one placement fine, finger 2 good, finger 3 barely can reach over fret 2 unless i twist and angle in ways that makes my fingers wider.

    I have started to compensate by using my pinky rather than 3 finger, or the twist etc. these cheats are now bad habits that hurt good form.

    I can spread my left hand out like a fan, but, when holding a guitar, keeping my thumb in proper place I cannot physically hold 3 or heavens 4 frets wide without BAD form.

    I stretch and fiddle with my fingers during the day, but it just feels like finger 2 and 3 are destined to always come together on the fret board.

    Did anyone else have this issue and resolved it by stretching and years of practice? Starting as a kid doesn’t count.

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    Hi John,

    It’s good to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about what’s going on for you.

    First the short answer… Yes, absolutely. Many people have learned to play guitar with similar issues, and other with what could be considered even more insurmountable issues.

    I also realize this doesn’t make what you’re going through any less frustrating.

    Know that you are not alone in this.

    I’ll recommend you watch this lesson (if you haven’t already).

    Watch all the way to the end. The techniques I teach are NOT the most important point.

    Also, it would benefit you greatly to go step by step through the Beginner’s Journey roadmap.

    Take your time and do the steps one at a time. Ask questions (you did good!).

    In the end it will come down to your ability to take things one step at a time, and at least somewhat to enjoy the process while acknowledging your small wins. It’s not easy, especially in a society that is geared towards instant gratification. But there are benefits that you will find far beyond just playing a few songs.


    Guitar Tips for Fat Fingers


    Thanks for the Video Reply and this reply. I like your mantra Practice, Patience & Persistence. I may make a sign and hang it in my practice area.

    I’m a real guitar nut now, I bought a 3rd guitar! its a super cheapo First Act- Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Electric guitar pack.

    it was at one of those overstock stores, got it for $57, perfect for keeping in the corner of my office to do finger exercises and cord practice.

    It doesn’t make noise to bother others like an acoustic would. woo hoo! extra practice time!



    I like the sign idea 🙂

    I think having an extra guitar is great. I’m all for making it more convenient to practice.


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