Finally through the Beginner lessons and Bar Chord lessons.

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    It was tough but I am finally through the Beginner Lessons and Bar Chord lessons.

    Even though Its been 25 years picking up a lot came very fast. However, there was so much good stuff in those lessons even though most of it did not apply to me I tried not to skip through them to much as there was so many useful nuggets, tips and hints.

    Some portions I found where I was lacking all those years ago as well which was on my strumming that deviated from regular down/up and down 4/4 rhythm’s which I have no problem with but when move on to tricky rhythm’s I basically fell apart.

    Portions of these I have added to my daily practice routine because I enjoy playing it over and over trying to get the small intricacies. does not matter if its a single G chord I am able to float into that place of practice where I enjoy the repetition and the small improvements of say a mute or rake. I have never practiced anything in life and not improved but even so that sliver of self doubt slips in there but it makes it even better when you hit goals!

    One of the reasons I wanted to get through it quickly is I can now focus on the <b style=”font-size: 16px;”>Daily Practice Sessions | Secret Weapon #2 I count Tomas as my main mentor and instructor as I never really had one even when I played before but saying that since I play so much I hit up other info all over the internet as well and try to be like a dry sponge that soaks up knowledge all around me.

    So excited to start the journey on Daily Practice!!!!

    Will update my journey I am 10 days in now as I started playing again on the January 30th of 2023!

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    Excellent Brian. I really enjoy the lessons and the process. Tomas did a great job designing the curriculum. My only complaint is it’s hard to find enough time to practice.🎸



    Hey Jeff,

    6:44am CST here so Good Morning from Oklahoma. Yes Tomas material is awesome! good to meet you. Yes having a busy schedule can be tough luckily I work from home and so can play some through out day as well as evenings.

    My work is project orientated and goes in bursts and some evenings and weekends but in between all that I grab practice time and I no longer have commute to work so save time there as well.

    Bad thing is I gained weight from working at PC all time and age. Good thing is I am using guitar to help lose weight by picking it up instead of grabbing food out of kitchen lol. So while Guitar is sedentary I am able to use it as a health increasing item in weight loss as well though once weather gets nicer I will make sure to get out of my house/office at least once a day to walk the doggie and myself. ok coffee is done time to grab that and finish waking up.

    have a good day!



    I have decided to go crazy with my Music Theory as its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very eccentric knowledge seeker and leaner type. I cannot stand not knowing something… I also have decided to try and learn to read music because some of the books I wanted was not in TAB so I looked up a bunch of internet searches and was alot of books from different people alot the same but I was not sure which was best so bought most all of them.

    I will let know what I think when I have finished them all ignore other books my kindle list contains alot of subjects its how I created my career as well by reading and learning and then building up labs until I understood it then went into the that field. I kind of like everything but only have one life so I pick things I want to spend more time with such as my job, in past now music etc…

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    I was trying to buy some blank staff music when I found a word document template that you can print out your own Music Staff Paper:

    I thought that was cool but then! Tomas got me thinking as he had links to really cool apps. I started thinking I betcha may be a program to for writing music I could use to practice and guess what!!!

    I found this free APP:

    It lets you write your own songs in music and does alot more but I am just learning the notes right now but its pretty cool and looks to be free. I made chord in it and some notes so far and it will play them for you!

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