Dust in the wind

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    I am working on Dust in the Wind part 1.I have learned the fingerstyle for the song , but I am much to slow. How can I speed up. I am working in the first sheet on the download but I am nowhere near the speed you play. I have to go back to listen over and over again to get the right inflection. just thought I would Vent. 



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    Hi Arthur, what you’re describing sounds very normal. It also sounds very much like my experience in the early days of learning fingerpicking. I’ll give you the benefit of my experience and what is work for other students.

    To go fast… Go slow.

    This is more critical with fingerpicking than any other aspect of playing guitar.

    If you’re like me you set out to learn the song that is a few steps above where you’re at developmentally. I think for me it was stairway to heaven 🙂

    It’s not bad or a problem. It’s just feedback. 

    Go back to the fingerpicking magic level I lessons. Change your mindset from learning this one song to developing your fingerpicking skills. Work on the exercises and lessons a little every day. I get more advice in this course that will help you understand more about what I mean and why it works. I’ll give you a tip… It has to do with tensing your muscles.

    You will get this. And you have the skill to be able to learn many more fingerpicking songs and even make up your own.

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