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    My name is Tony C. I have been playing classical guitar for 8-10 years, focusing mostly on spanish type of music, (i.e. Leyenda). When I sit dow to play chords and to strum, I feel at a loss and almost a beginner. I am here to improve that.

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    Hi Tony,

    Welcome. Good to see you here. Nice work on the New Member Challenge… good to see you’re a man of action.

    I look forward to supporting you and encouraging you to have an absolutely fantastic time learning and improving your guitar playing.

    Bye for now Tony,




    Welcome!  You and I have the same story.

    I took classical guitar for about 4-5 years’ It was mostly rote practice’

    Although a fellow student and I played background for dinner and such.

    Mostly it was lessons out of our lessons books’

    That really pretty lucrative. What I want to say is ” I don’t think you’ll be sorry”

    I’ve been here a little over a year and have learned things I never would have

    encountered where I was.



    Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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