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    Muy buenas Tomas

    I liked your video about chord progressions in well-known songs.

    Do you have a PDF of the common chord progressions that I could download for practice?

    Gracias amigo!


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    Not at this time Steve.

    Let me know which lesson that is on and I’ll see if I can make a PDF to add to the lesson.

    A url would get me there quickest, but you could describe which course/then which lesson.

    Thanks Steve.



    Hi Tomas

    Sorry to be a pest ……but.

    I’working on what I asked for Beyond beginners Chords 201.

    I love your “Jazzy Stuff”. But I’m getting tangle up on the first progression.

    I can play the chords while you’re demonstrating, but then they come apart

    when I try to put them in the progression. The name and shape

    escape me. I know I could draw them and name them for a cheat sheet.

    But if you have that, I can be lazy and use yours





    Hi Jack,

    Not a pest.

    There is a Workbook with the chord diagrams. I’ve had several people ask for worksheets for different lessons that already have workbooks… so I’m thinking I should rethink, or at least “add to” the way I put the workbook download on the Course Page.

    I’ve added a button to the lesson page for the Jazzy Chords lesson that will take you to the Course Page (opens in a separate window) where you can download the workbook. The workbook is in the Course Materials section.

    Let me know what you think. Does this help? Any other ideas on how to make it easier for students to get the workbook?

    On the Monthly Practice Plan I put the sheets above each lesson… but they are individual sheets. That wouldn’t work with an entire workbook for a course.






    thank you for the input.

    Of course with your able help I found the workbook

    Now my opinion…. ON the Beyond Beginners  Lesson. the work book mentioned,

    is Beginning Guitar for Adults( or something like that) I was looking for

    a workbook pertaining to the lesson. witch it was, but I thought it

    was something else. OOPs  on both our parts.

    luv ya…. keep up the good work!




    Thank you!

    I asked for a chord chart and got a workbook

    that is more than I could wish for !!!!




    Thanks for letting me know about the title mixup. I must fixed it.

    I’m glad it was the right workbook.


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