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    Ok Tomas, in the “Instant Pop Hit 1-5-6-4” you first play a G-D-Am-C. I’ve never seen a Am or C played with that way (Am and C with the B&E strings 3rd fret) Then in key of C, you play the regular C chord.

    So after watching the video a few times, I thought I might have an Idea of chord progression, then started the Quiz, and …. I have NO idea.

    So, for example, I would think, if the key of D would go #1 D #5 B? #6 C? #4 A? Just trying to figure this out. Thanks

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    Great questions. Part of what the practice plans are designed to do is to reveal opportunities. It looks like that’s just what it’s done.1. In the key of G the chord progression is G – D – Em – C (no Am). 2. Both versions of C are good. The version I use here is more common in modern pop music.3. In the key of D the 5 chord is A. I actually teach students to count on their fingers… D, E, F, G A. I think you’re overshooting by one. That should solve that problem.But now for the opportunity…All of these questions are dealt with in the Beginner’s Journey, the last few Adventures. More importantly, you’ll get a chance to practice and use some of these things… including this form of C (also called Cadd9). If you’re interested in how this works you may want to do these lessons:Real Guitar U > Practice Library > Guitar TheoryYou’ll find these 5 lessons start simple but you’ll end up having a great foundation to build on. And more information so you can has more great questions.



    Hi Tomas,

    Ok, I see what you did there. (and you added an extra course on the “Beginner’s Journey” after I finished them and moved on.) So I’m going back and finishing that before moving on. Makes sense now and I feel I can get back on track. Thanks.


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