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    Pistol Pickin' Pete

    Greetings from the Wild West.  I’m Pistol Pickin’ Pete living out on the plains of Kansas.

    I tried to pick up the guitar a long time ago in a guitar galaxy far, far away.  One problem.  I am extremely left handed and my friends convinced me that I could learn to play right handed.  It just didn’t work for me, so I gave it up and moved to Kansas.

    Fast forward to 2018 and I  have been hanging around my friends who are musicians at the men’s retreats that I have been working on over the past many years.  I was always rewriting popular songs and they put the music to it, then we would add them to the program for grins.  On of my buddies said “you gotta gift.”  “You gotta learn to play.”  He was right, I bought a left handed guitar last week and I am diving right in.

    I have a local instructor, but after watching Tomas’s videos, I am convinced that this program along with a local instructor will put me on the fast track, which isn’t that fast, but I expect decent results within 6 months to a year.

    I forgot to mention our first song, Born to be Blest.  You may know the tune…and it’s kinda loud for a church group!!!


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    hi Pete another left hander here , I am starting from scratch , It was suggested I try a right handed guitar but the left handed one just felt better to me even though I never played before.


    Hi Susan,

    Welcome to the left hand guitar journey.  You are right about a left hand guitar feeling natural if you are truly left oriented.  You just gotta go with the flow!!!

    I am in about a month now and have hit my first learning plateau.  I have trouble shifting from one chord to another.  It’s like how can you win a race if you can’t get out of first gear.  One of my friends has been playing for years and being around him when he is playing makes me feel pitiful.  I think this journey is gonna take a LONG time and LOTS of practice.

    Keep me posted on your progress.


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