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    Hola! My name is Craig. I’m 75 and live on a small “tied” island in Lake Erie called Catawba. I bought my first guitar in Europe in 1963…a German Framus, nylon string, Acoustic. Traded it for a Yamaha in the 90’s which is pretty much all I play, even though I also own a copper-faced Dobro. I never learned to play with a pick…nor to barre chords…and my strum patterns are pretty limited. I’m a good lyricist, though, and found early on that basic knowledge of melodies and chord progressions really helped with the construction of songs. My goal is becoming a better musician so I can expand and vary my writing. Am just hoping my hands are strong and flexible enough to do this. Looking forward to learning and playing with all of you!

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    Hello Craig

    Welcome to the site. I’ve been here for a while now. I haven’t been as active lately only because I’ve been busy. By the way, I’ve got you beat by a few years. I’m sure you’ll learn that you made a good Decision. Tomas is a great guy and very helpful. Best of luck in your endeavors.




    Hi Craig. Welcome. It’s good to see you here. I’m curious, can you think of some of the musicians or artists that you like?

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