Reply To: Chord Changes



Yes, I do.

The D to the C is a common change. Also it involves moving around ALL the fingers.

1) You might want to try an alternative version of the C that I use in this lesson. It sounds really good and the change is easier. It’s just good to have in your repertoire.

2) I’ve tried many tricks with changing chords… All these things like pivot fingers, common notes, etc. but over time (45 years teaching and going strong) I came to realize that there’s something better than relying on crutches. That’s to take advantage of our natural ability to program physical movements.

That said I created some lessons that really emphasize that. For you it will seem like a review, but I think if you’re willing to spend time on these lessons it will help you moving forward tremendously. It’s the concepts I want you to learn more than the actual chord forms and tunes.

I think you can start here:

Then progress through the following lessons.

If you feel you’ve missed something and you’re up for more review, go back and quickly go through the previous lessons.

Let me now how it goes.



Week #3