Reply To: Homemade song by Sissel



Hello Ing-Marie

It went precisely as it went in the video I posted: with a lot of stops from my part we reached the end. There wasn’t only the melody to play on the guitar and to sing by heart, but there was also a “choir”(7 persons) behind me. What a challenge! So regularly I lost the control, but the choir continued happily.

This singing and playing in public goes about much more for me than just to perform a piece of music. It means, that I have to show up the way I am: imperfect, the big challenge of my life. Only some years ago I would not have dared to show me playing imperfectly guitar. But as I am so fond of music and I really see and feel that I progress with the lessons from Real Guitar Succes, so I have decided to show me the way I am. Only on this way I really can continue progressing. And if you believe it or not, I am still dreaming (I am now 55) in performing in front of a large public. That means, I continously have that vision, that it is still waiting for me. But of course, I have to work for it. I do it with very much joy.

I can only confirm the expression of somebody here on the webside who said something like “each day I am waiting impatiently for what Tomas has invented for me today to play on the guitar”.

By the way, I had a Norwegian friend who was called Inga-Marie. Are you Norwegian as well?