Reply To: DaveJay – An American in Switzerland



Thanks for the personal reply.

How do I like Zurich?  I LOVE it!!  My kids are grown, 2 in LA and one just moved to Dallas, so my wife and I are free to go where we like.  My work took me to Switzerland, and now I am staying here and flying around Europe on projects – frankly to much more interesting places than doing the same job from Denver.  My wife comes with me often – and then I come home to Zurich and our view of the lake and mountains for the weekend.

I’ve lived a LOT of places in the USA – and my father and most of my family is in or from California.  San Francisco and the Bay Area has its attractions, but with the home costs and the traffic, neither the Bay Area nor LA hold any interest for me anymore – as a place to live – over living in Switzerland or even Denver.  Even with my brother as a Real Estate agent in SF.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying your lessons – and making progress.


Dave Jellison