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My sister in law moved to Arkansas with her family. My wife is close with her sister so will probably end up coming your way before too long to visit.

Latin guitar… That got my attention.

I’d love to know more about what you call Latin guitar and what kinds of things you’d like to learn.

My intention is to add a lot more lessons in the style of Latin guitar, but I want to know what people want to learn as opposed to what I feel like teaching.

If you’re willing to give some feedback I will seriously take it into account as I create new lessons.

I do have several Latin guitar lessons on this website already. Unfortunately they may not be right for the early stages of play guitar.

Here’s one lesson:

Here’s another short course on rumba Flamenco (the style I’m best known for is a recording artist):

Spanish Fingerpicking (I think this is fine for early stages):


Soft Rumba – Latin Fingerstyle Rhythm & Chords