This Land Is Your Land Tutorial (Easy Guitar – Key G)

Learn this easy guitar song that will not only add to your repertoire but give you a fun way to practice the main chords in the key of G.
· June 6, 2018






Woody Guthrie, an American folk singer, wrote “This Land Is Your Land” in 1940.  Since then it’s become one of the United States’ most famous folk songs.

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  1. Hi Tomas
    I have been looking several times how I can followe this course but at the end it always looks as in the beginning: Start course an 0% complete.
    I am also missing the strumming pattern. It is not enough for me to have you talking about it and showing it on the guitar. Could it be possible to have a sheet of paper with the movements written on it?
    Thanks for chosing this fantastic song. It makes me feel that I make part of America as well… (I am half Norwegian and half Luxemburger)

    1. Hi Sissel,
      I’m glad you like this. This is what I call a Quick Win lesson. It’s not a course. Just as a quick lesson on a single topic or song. The technology I’m using is not really friendly for single video lessons like this. What you’re seeing (0% Complete) is the only way it can work.

      There are no notes for this lesson either. But the strumming pattern is a very basic strum that you learn in the Beginner’s Journey. You can try Down Down/Up etc. But you’ll find no strum pattern will sound like what I’m doing until you learn the finer details of strumming. I start giving you strum lessons somewhere around adventure three or four, but the real work is an adventure six.