Finger Developer 4.1 [SWU]






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Finger Developer exercises are an extremely effective way to build speed and coordination. I actually still use a version of this one to this day. You can use it as a warm up exercise, or use it to build speed in your playing.

Pay special attention to the pattern. I’ll break it down into sections to highlight this pattern. Start by playing this with a metronome set to a low tempo. Build it by 5bpm (Beats Per Minute) at a time.

(If you don’t have a metronome, go to your smart phone’s app store. There are several free options out there!)

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I’m having trouble when I get to G B and E strings stretching my index finger on first fret and pinky on fourth. Any suggestions? Otherwise it goes very well and I can do 120 bpm comfortably. Also, what bpm should I strive for? Thanks.

Tomas (Administrator) February 8, 2023 at 5:41 pm

This is a stretch. Try doing the exercise starting on the 5th fret. The frets are closer together. It will sound different, but that’s okay. Then after a while (as in a few days) move down to the 4th fret. Then the 3rd, etc. You’ll be easing into the stretch.

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