RGS Live #2 – Travis Picking Step-By-Step

· March 26, 2018


Travis Picking Step-By-Step

Download the Lesson Sheet With Notes & TABS:

Travis Picking Step-By-Step Notes & TAB

Questions Answered:

17:54 How close to the fret do you recommend placing the fingers on the fretboard?

19:30 Sometime my wrist gets tired when I have to curl it around for certain chords. Do you do any wrist strengthening exercises?

22:59 Please share your thoughts on practicing with the pinkie used as an anchor for Travis picking.

24:12 Along the lines of stretching, do you recommend any particular stretching routine every time before you start playing?

Sore Back, Hand Stretches And More...

27:49 What is your typical practice schedule before a live performance?

29:45 Do you recommend playing with or without the strap when sitting?

35:17 I’ve noticed in some of your videos that you have a way of attaching your picks to your guitar.How do you do that?

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Johnny’s Philosophical Road Trip

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