RGS Live #9 | 12 Bar Blues Licks And Techniques

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Changing Between Bar Chords And Open Chords

In this lesson we talk about ways to practice chord changes. We’ll take a look at the F major barre chord, and learn a bit about how and why to use a capo.

We’ve also got some great exercises for practicing both Left and Right hand finger independence, along with a brief introduction to basic fingerstyle and picado (right hand picking) techniques!

Questions Asked During the Session:

[14:22] Please explain simply what key one would be in if the capo is moved one, two and say three frets along the neck. Please explain starting with D chord ( standard shape) and what chord it is when at fret 1, 2 and 3.  Then maybe use C chord if this makes sense.

– Duncan

[25:20] How to excel in fingerstyle

– Tanush

[39:50] I want to do fills between chords are they found in a scale?

– Aidan

[21:50 ] How to gain LH finger independence?

[28:43] Best tempo for practicing string-crossing exercises

[30:25] RH finger independence/Picado Technique

[36:20] Dealing w/ pain during practice

Links Mentioned:

[21:45] Barre Chord System… Members have access to a more complete Course Module called Bar Chord Mastery Bootcamp.

[28:40] Basic Fingerstyle Members have access to a more complete Course Module called Fingerpicking Magic 101 – Foundations

[40:35] Bass Note Runs… RGS Live February 2018 – How to Add Bass Notes to Strumming

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