RGS Live #7 | Warm-Up Routine

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In this session I show you how to set up a warm up routine. Along with specific techniques I discuss the importance of paying attention to details and going slow.

You can download the sheet music with the notes and tabs to the exercises that I shown in the lesson here:

>> Warm-Up Exercises

  • Open String Exercise
  • Chromatic
  • Two Chord Key Change

Questions Answered:

  • (17:26) Why does the intervals move 1/2 step at a time till you reach the Perfect Fifth which moves up a whole step and then it goes back to 1/2 step at a time. – Michael
  • (20:31) I’d appreciate any tips on how to use more varied strumming while playing. I know most good guitar players don’t use the same strum continuously through a song — they stop and start, change up the strum, pause and let a chord ring, etc. I’d like to learn to add that to my playing, but it doesn’t seem to come naturally. Do you have any suggestions? – Tom
  • (25:17) Do you know of an App. that allows me to convert or translate from a regular music score into tablature? I want to practice music scores I have, but I can’t read music yet. – Hildebrando
  • (26:33) I know you have shown how to accomplish barre chords but I seem to have a real problem accomplishing this. – Duncan
  • (30:07) How do I incorporate the bass runs  into songs. Could you play a complete song using alternate bass notes and bass runs as an example, please? – Savta

Here’s a download (Notes & Tab) for Happy Birthday with Bass Notes.

  • (30:18) What do I do if the chords in the song are not G-C-D? – Savta 

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