Real Guitar Live #42 | Q & A

In this month’s live Q & A session, I answer the questions Could you explain the proper use of a capo?, Can you practice scales right away?, What do ‘O’ and ‘X’ mean on a chord diagram?, How do I overcome stage fright?, and more!

[2:19] I have a problem with switching chords. What I can do for it?

[4:58] I know the chords, but every time I watch a tutorial on how to play a song it never sounds like what they are teaching. Any suggestions?

[9:49] Can you play fingerstyle with a pick?

[11:29] Any advice on how to “get back into playing”.  I took a break during a hectic few weeks and although I do pick up my guitar a few times a week to practice, I am finding it hard to jump back into RGS.

[15:13] Could you explain the proper use of a capo?

[18:16] Do we have to re-tune the guitar after putting on or removing a capo? If so, why? I understand a capo as a “fixed” barre so it should nicely change all the strings pitch equally.

[20:26] It has been very difficult to sing even hum and strum simultaneously. Any tips?

[24:52] Do you have a Facebook group?

[25:25] Can you practice scales right away?

[27:57] How do I find a study buddy?

[29:15] What is the best type of capo?

[31:00] How much pressure should I use when playing an F minor barre chord?

[33:55] How to play with shaky hands?

[35:07] Does Travis picking replace strumming?

[36:26] What string size do you use?

[38:12] I have an old Jasmine guitar. Would getting a new guitar like the Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar be worthwhile?

[40:13] How do I overcome stage fright?

[45:38] What do some acoustic guitars have a cutaway? Is it mostly a visual preference?

[47:44] What do ‘O’ and ‘X’ mean on a chord diagram?

[51:41] I know how to use a pick, but I find fingerpicking difficult. Do you have any tips?

[52:52] How do you fingerstyle practicing scales?

[53:20] Do you have any advice for a thrash metal song that I can use?

[53:38] How much time should I spend practicing every day?

[55:15] Is it okay to change the strum pattern of a song that I am covering?

[56:04] Why is the sound of my guitar low?

[56:50] Why are scales useful to learn?

[57:34] What is a good practice routine?


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