Real Guitar Live #38 | Q & A Session

· September 4, 2020

Questions Answered

[3:26] I’ve seen street musicians play with backing tracks of popular songs. Where do they get their backing music with no vocals? 

[15:29] Could you talk more about Pentatonic Scales and in different keys? 

[24:12] As a beginner it is easier to stay on the beat if you count each strum for a strumming pattern you choose. For example counting 1, 2, 3 4 as you strum. However, I don’t believe that more experienced guitar players stay on the beat by  counting. How do you teach yourself this?

[26:46] How can I use hammer ons in songs?

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  1. hey tomas
    thanks for addressing my ? in great detail about the street musician back up music.i will start on this asap.
    i would be very interested in band in a box video to get me started

    1. I’m glad you saw that Paul. I spent some time researching and was hoping that there will be enough people interested so I can do a lesson on band in the box. It’s a fantastic program… The downside is it’s kind of expensive.