Real Guitar Live #36 | Q & A Session

Welcome to this month’s Real Guitar Live where I answered questions like What is the model of guitar you’re using?, Do you have lessons specifically on fingerstyle guitar?, Is there a strumming practice routine you can recommend?, and much more!

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I really enjoy and look forward to these live Q&As. I probably say this every month, but it’s true! I love being able to answer your questions in real time. And more than that I love the conversation and community it creates.

If you want to join us live we typically do these the first Thursday of every month over on my YouTube channel.

As always I’ve included time stamps for the questions we covered in today’s Real Guitar Live.

[4:33] How do you do bass runs between chords that aren’t necessarily adjacent? For example, Am to Em, Am to F, Am to Dm, or C to G. If instead of a bass run I would like to use transitional chords, what would I use?

[11:32] Which guitar book should I follow to learn Acoustic Guitar. I have Hal Leonard’s Complete Guitar 1-3, Alfred’s Basic guitar method, and Guitar for Dummies.

[15:43] After 18 months I am still struggling transitioning from E to D and D to A Chords. My wrist is stretched and aching too much while changing chords. What can I do to make this hurt less?

[19:14] What is the model of guitar you’re using?

[22:14] I’m a beginner guitar player and I practice 30-45 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. How should I structure my practice?

[28:23] I’m a beginner and have a right handed guitar, but I’m left handed. Should I learn guitar right or left handed?

[32:19] I have about 30 or so songs I can play. Should my practice be those songs, new songs, or scales? I am never sure and some days time is short, so what is the effective practice routine?

[37:15] I’m struggling with the metronome! (we are not friends) It seems I over think EVERYTHING while trying to use it and it’s a distraction. I can practice with a metronome, but have to slow it way down to play in time with it, yet I can tap my foot and play at a normal speed. Should I keep it in my practice, and just get used to it?

[42:02] I’ve been practicing a chord for a couple weeks but still can’t play it. What should I do?

[44:33] As a relative beginner, actually barring correctly with my index finger is proving problematic and the notes don’t ring out clearly. I understand Barre chord theory and how to use fingers 2,3, and 4 to form the E Major shape or A shape for example.

[49:28] I’ve been practicing a song that used 4 finger chords, but I’m struggling to play it.

[52:27] Do you have lessons specifically on fingerstyle guitar?

[53:28] Is there a strumming practice routine you can recommend?

[58:51] I’ve completed the 6th Adventure and try to keep up with the monthly lessons. Am I trying to do too much?

[1:01:40] How many chords to you need to learn to play Country and Pop music?

[1:03:39] What is the best way to understand modes on guitar?

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