Real Guitar Live #35 | Q & A Session

Music is a universal language. It’s a way to share feelings, emotions, and stories no matter where you’re from. This is especially true with guitar. So it makes sense that guitar players share the same struggles and even have the same questions. That’s exactly why I love doing these Live Q&A sessions.

These Live Q&A sessions are a great way to have your questions answered in real time. They’re also a community forum where guitarists can share their experiences and thoughts. If you want to join live, follow my YouTube channel. We typically do these the first Tuesday of every month.

All of the questions from this month’s Live Q&A are listed below with time stamps for easy navigation.

[2:59] What is MIDI and how does it apply to guitar recordings?

[4:32] I have both a nylon string and steel string guitar. When should I prefer one over the other? Are there specific musical styles that are better on one of them rather than the other?

[7:37] Is there a way to practice while away from my guitar? E.g. when I am traveling and it is not possible or practical to bring the guitar with me.

[11:24]  I bought an electric guitar recently, and they sent a packet of different picks with the guitar. Some feel like clay (very thick and don’t bend). What pick should I be using on my Acoustic guitar? Since I struggle with strumming, and strumming patterns, I would think the thinner picks would be better, since they are flexible.

[14:28] I have finished the beginners’ journey and decided to run through it again before going back into finger picking 101. I am also starting the BARRE chords lessons. What’s a good practice plan for my level? I am hesitant to get into the weekly practice plans without the necessary foundation.

[20:32] Can you talk about neck and back pain while playing guitar?

[26:24] Is it better or worse to use a finger or pick for classical and steel string guitars?

[28:03] Do you have any suggestions for learning to put the accent strum on beats 2 and 4 of a D DU D UDU strum? I am confident picking and strumming on the low beats 1 and 3, and high on the other beats, but find it difficult to put the accent on beats 2 and 4? ( I seem to automatically put the accent on beats one and three.)

PS I am really enjoying working on the Strumming 6th Adventure!

[31:25] Can you demonstrate how to change strings on the different guitars so that it will go smoothly? Sometimes I struggle with it and the ties don’t look so nice.

[33:50]  If you were advising a new student on buying a new guitar what advice would you give him?

[39:00] The bridge of my guitar is coming loose. What can I do to fix this?

[43:40] As you know I have a difficult time with Barre chords with my tendinitis. You suggested shorter practices along with stretching, and this seems to really help. A friend suggested that I could reduce the amount of pressure by “pulling the guitar towards me with my right arm / shoulder while strumming. Is this a valid technique?

[46:19] Any good suggestions for backing tracks for songs from pop rock artists (CAT STEVENS, JAMES TAYLOR. ETC.)

[48:40] I have a song that I want to play the verses fingerstyle and the chorus strumming. How do I make the transitions from one style to the other so that it sounds smooth and natural and not too abrupt?

[49:49] I learned a couple of Travis picking patterns, but they are in 4/4 time. I was wondering if there is a Travis picking 3/4 and 6/8 timings?

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