Real Guitar Live #33 | Learn Guitar Q & A

Welcome to Real Guitar Live #33. I hope this finds you well and healthy. These Live Q&A sessions are always full of really great questions and discussions.

In a time where we have to keep physical distance from each other, it’s nice to be able to have an hour of guitar-centric community.

We have a lot of great questions on tap today. From barre chords and strumming to harmonies and theory. Check out the timestamps below if you want to skip ahead to any of the questions.


[2:25] I know that the 1st 6th notes harmonize together, but what other harmonies are out there?

Note: Jazz guitarist famous for using octaves: Wes Montgomery

[10:02] I am now in the Beginners Journey and am working on Gentle Breeze. When I’m looking at my hands I can play it about 70%. But when I don’t look I can only play it about 30%. Should I look when I play?

[13:35] How do you integrate 6th harmonies in a song?

[16:20] I’m a beginner and I’m struggling with smooth chord transitions. What can I do to make this smoother?

[20:31] I struggle with not playing the strings I’m not fretting without looking. How can I do this without looking?

[22:22] How can I make my own rhythm for a song I’m writing?

[25:48] How do you train to not strum the 6th string when playing a chord that doesn’t use it?

[31:01] Can you show me the strumming pattern for a Rumba Flamenco song?

[35:48] Is there a “cheat” for the Bm barre chord?

[40:15] Can you give me the chords for “Journey Through This Land”?

[40:58] How many chords should I use in writing my own song?

[42:48] I’m taking your course and am enjoying it very much! I would like to learn how to play “Wildwood Flower”. Would you teach us how to play this in the course?

[44:24] I don’t have a capo yet. Is it necessary at the beginning stage?

[46:22] Is there a trick to play the Am barre chord on the 5th fret?

[48:32] Should I get good at my chords first, or learn to read music first?

[51:59] Why do some musicians play the same chord on different parts of the neck?

[52:26] I notice the C chord is on different lines of the staff. Why is this?

[57:08] What’s your favorite warm-up pattern?

[59:53] Do you have any tips for a complete starter?

[1:01:49] How can I schedule my guitar practice time to keep learning?

[1:04:22] How do musicians come up with rhythms for their songs?

[1:05:11] How do you stay on tempo without a metronome?

[1:06:52] How do you arrange fingerstyle pieces?

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