RGS Live #26 | Care And Feeding of Your Acoustic Guitar


In this month’s Live Q&A session, I answer questions like How should the guitar be stored?, How to travel on a plane with a guitar?, What care does the body of the guitar need?, and much more!

If you’re pressed for time just choose the questions that are most interest to you. You can skip to the time in the video indicated by the timestamp at the beginning of each question.

[1:37] How often do I need to change the strings?

[3:05] How can I tell if a string needs to be changed?

[6:39] How do you string the different types of guitars (acoustic nylon, acoustic metal, electric)?

[14:17] What care does the body of the guitar need?

[15:07] How do you clean the guitar – with water, furniture polish or something else?

[15:26] What does it mean by a “setup” for the guitar?

[18:06] After I buy a guitar is there ever any need to take it to a professional guitar lab?

[18:45] How should the guitar be stored?

[21:00] Does it matter what kind of case I have for it?

[22:35] How to travel on a plane with a guitar?

[24:33] Is there a brand of strings that you recommend?

[28:38] Why are there differences in nut width – are 2 11/16″ and 2 3/4″ designed for different kinds of playing?

[29:42] How do I know when it is time to replace my strings?

[30:45] Have you seen the color coated strings? Thoughts on them?

[31:38] When I use a capo on the second fret or any fret for that matter, what key does that then become? I want to play a song that calls for a capo on the second fret without using a capo. How do I figure that out?

[36:21] Shayne Noyes: Comment on guitar action and playing style – I play a lot of slide on both acoustic and electric and need to raise the action (esp. on electrics) to avoid strings buzzing on the frets.

[36:45] Do you have exercises for changing bar chords from say a B to a Bmaj 7th?  I don’t have any trouble barring major chords, it’s when I have to switch the pinky, third and middle finger from that “E” formation on a bar chord to something like a major 7th chord.

[41:08] Is it necessary to de-tune your guitar when you are done for any particular day and then tune it up again at the same time the following day?

[42:05] My Question is regarding re-coated strings. I bought the strings and a few months later they started peeling. Are they a gimmick?  Plus there are the different thicknesses of strings. Which ones should I choose as an intermediate player?

[43:43] 1.)  How do you check the neck of the guitar for cupping or back bow and if found what can you do about it?

[45:45] 2.)  How do I check the intonation of a guitar and then reset it?

[46:32] What exercises do you recommend for a better pinky use and for barred chords?

[49:58] How to improve ear training and how one can learn songs by ear?

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