RGS Live #21 | Getting Started with Jazz/Blues Improvisation w/guest Nathan Chamberlain

In this episode, you’ll learn how to improvise over jazz and blues chord progressions. Interested in creatively applying some of those scales you’ve learned? Nathan and Tomas will give you some tips on selecting which scales to use, a strumming pattern, and how to play them dynamically. With some practice, this episode will help you get ready to jam with other musicians or solo over some of your favorite songs!


[17:21] Some peeps on YouTube are vocal about their opposition to learning scales and the pentatonic scale (reasons given: it stifles creativity; makes your guitar playing mediocre etc).

I’ve heard the same thing said about learning blues guitar: that when you learn blues guitar first, you can’t do anything else!

Question: What is your view on the importance of learning scales, and will scales make me a boring guitar player or stifle my creative process?

– Adam

[21:24] I’ve always wanted to know the best scale to play over 5 chord in 1,4,5 blues. Dom 7 arpeggio? If playing minor pent or blues scale say in E. What to play over B. B major pent. Or other exotic scales.  Thank you

– George

[23:26] I’m working on the pentatonic scales and not sure how to best practice them all in order to master the fretboard and be able to solo.  How to break it down and keep moving forward, starting with simple solos that are not just memorized licks but come into finger knowing of where I am, and how chord forms fit into all this.

– Susan

[24:55] Sir, I am a beginner and learning to strum and changing chords. How to perfect my strumming at the right time to change?


[30:43] Sir, whether I should choose online guitar course or purchase Hal Leonard (Alfred ) books with CD, DVD or some other affordable Guitar online course on Udemy?

– Dharmendra

[33:10] What to do when you get disheartened with your playing? and haven’t Played for weeks?

– William

[37:22] After how long were you able to play your first song using a guitar, from start to finish, flawlessly?

– Carey

[42:40] I love this but all I know is A, C, D, E, F, G and all my made up chords..lol What would be the best way to start up in lessons to get to be able to play and know to play like this?

– Anne

[46:37] What do you think is more difficult rhythm guitar or fingerstyle/fingerpicking? ​Any recommended string gauge and string brands for an intermediate player?

– RV

[49:30] ​I took piano lessons for 12 years so I know a lot of chords on piano but on guitar, when I got to a B…UMM I can not do those bar chords…eeeek.

– Anne


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