Monthly Practice Plan – September 2020

Something I find incredibly helpful when learning something is when there’s a theme. Themes create consistency without getting too repetitive. For me, that makes it easier to grasp a concept and learn more about it.

That’s why I always have a theme or two in these monthly practice plans. Jumping from lesson to lesson randomly isn’t really the best way to progress and learn guitar. On the other hand, having a structured plan with intentionality goes a long way!

This month we’re going to spend some time in a key that might be new to you, we’ll practice two different methods of playing arpeggios (one of my favorites), learn a little music theory, and learn some fun songs along the way.

So when you’re ready, grab your guitar, tune up, and let’s dive in!

(P.S. I always mention to tune your guitar before you start playing. But you should also check your tuning every few minutes. The more in tune your guitar is, the better it will sound and the more you’ll enjoy what you’re playing)

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