Monthly Practice Plan – September 2019

Tomas ·August 1, 2019

A lot of new guitar players can be intimidated by music theory. And I get that. Music theory can get very complicated. But everyday usable music theory is very approachable. You can think of it as patterns and basic math. 

If you’re in school or have kids that are going to school, September is a “back to school” time of the year. Let’s take that same idea into our guitar playing. It’s a great idea to re-focus on certain parts of our playing from time to time. 

Even if you’re familiar with the fundamentals of music theory, a refresher is always useful. If you’re new to music theory this will be a great start. We’ll mix in some fun fingerpicking songs and awesome warm up exercises as always.

Grab your guitar, tune up, and let’s dive in!

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