Monthly Practice Plan – October 2022

October has arrived and we have a fantastic set of lessons and exercises for you. These will help you in your journey to becoming a better musician and will also provide a nice combination of challenges and fun. For this month we have included exercises in several areas, from right-left hand coordination to scales, chords, licks, and music theory. As we know by now, learning the guitar well encompasses a multitude of aspects to master, from ear training and harmony all the way to the actual playing techniques.Besides great exercises that include walking bass, major pentatonic pull-offs, chord families, and how to build chords, we also talk about how important it is to practice daily and how long your sessions should be. So, take the time to go through each of these lessons and exercises as they will surely make you a better musician and give you a better understanding of the guitar. As always, remember to have fun!

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Comments on Monthly Practice Plan – October 2022

  1. Earnest says:

    How do I get to November daily practice sessions?

    1. Tomas says:

      Hi Earnest,
      I always send an email with the link. Did you get it?
      You can also get there on the Dashboard.

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