Monthly Practice Plan – November 2021

The month of November is here, and 2021 is quickly winding down. This is a great opportunity to close out the year with a set of great lessons and exercises that will help you further develop your ability as a guitar player. This month we cover several important areas that are crucial to guitar players. 

We go into the E minor pentatonic scale, which is arguably the second most used scale for improvisation if you’re a guitar player. This scale is like a swiss army knife as you can use it in many situations. It also adds the very guitar-like flavor of a blue note that fits quite well in many improvisational contexts. 

So make sure you take your time with these lessons and exercises as they most likely become a cornerstone of your playing. As always, remember to go slow first and make sure you understand each concept and can play it well. 

Aim for practicing every day, even if its just a little bit. This can go a long way. Have fun!

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  1. Paul says:

    tomas my monthly lesson only go to nov 20 .where are the rest

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