Monthly Practice Plan – November 2020

November is a month where people generally start to meditate on gratefulness. In America we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in November and we start to transition into the Christmas season where we show our appreciation, love, and thankfulness to our friends and family through gift giving.

One thing I’m thankful for, especially in such a tumultuous time, is the gift of music. For many people, guitar and music are more than just a hobby or entertainment. But for others it’s an expression of ourselves, a way to retreat from the stresses of life, and something that brings us joy and fulfillment.

As you’re going through the lessons this month, take a step back and see just how far you’ve come in your guitar playing journey. Whether you started a month ago or a year ago, your daily progress can be hard to see. If you have a guitar in your hands and a song in your heart, there’s truly much to be thankful for!

So whenever you’re ready, grab that guitar, tune up, and lets dive in.

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