Monthly Practice Plan – March 2021

Every new month brings a lot of new opportunities. There’s nothing really special about new months. February 28 isn’t much different than March 1. But there’s a new optimism that comes with the symbolic changing of months. If February was a rough month, then good news; March is here!

If you didn’t get as far as you would have liked with your guitar skills in February, you have a new opportunity to set and achieve goals. I make these lesson plans with a lot of intentionality every month. There’s a consistent theme, and it’s structured in a way that only takes a few minutes of your time each lesson. And there’s also time in between lessons so you can practice one without feeling like you have to move one.

If you played as much guitar as you wanted in February, or not so much at all, the March practice plan is a perfect way to keep progressing. There are new scales, new chords, new strumming patterns, and of course songs to learn along the way.

So as always, grab your guitar, tune up, and let’s dive in!

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Comments on Monthly Practice Plan – March 2021

  1. Bob says:

    Hey Tomas,
    Is the April guitar gym available yet? I’m in beginner’s journey 4, and I’d like to jump into the gym and see what I can do with the daily exercises. I tried to add March to My Favorites and it wouldn’t go. Will I be able to add April to My Favorites so I can get to it quickly?
    Thanks! BTW, great online session yesterday. You gave me some good tips about my bent finger question.

    1. Tomas says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for joining the real guitar live session. As a great question and I’m glad I could help. The practice sessions come out each month on the first Monday of the month. April’s sessions will be available beginning this coming Monday. There is no need to save the entire month to your favorites. There’s a quick link on the dashboard. I made you a short video:

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