Monthly Practice Plan – March 2020

This month is going to feature something a little different: we’re going to work on building speed. Most of the time it’s better to play something well at a slow tempo, then gradually increase the speed. But other times it’s helpful to push ourselves into the next speed level.

That only comes when we know the part we’re playing. But this reframes our minds in a way that lets us work on speed as a technique. We’ll do this for both picking and fingerpicking. 

We’ll also learn some new songs, talk about music theory, and spend some time on the incredibly useful Minor Pentatonic scale. 

If you’re ready to grab your guitar, tune-up, and let’s dive in!

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Comments on Monthly Practice Plan – March 2020

  1. Patricia says:

    Just love these lessons……they are really pushing me.i keep my guitar on a stand, and pick it up often to practice. Am having the hardest time with finger picking, but I keep trying!

    1. Tomas says:

      Fingerpicking relies heavily on basic techniques. It can help sometimes to review this even if you’re doing more advanced fingerpicking. If you haven’t already checked out the short course called Fingerpicking Magic 101:

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