Monthly Practice Plan – June 2021

· May 9, 2021

The world seems to be slowly getting back to a sense of normalcy, after a rough period. Bands and acts are announcing tours, and live music is making its way back to the stage. Perhaps you want to use this momentum to work on these fun guitar exercises that are sure to help you with different areas of your playing.

These exercises will allow you to play a great variety of songs and develop your coordination and musicality even further. Remember: a few focused minutes every day can make a big difference in your development on the instrument. And who knows, maybe you will also be playing for a live audience soon, perhaps for friends and loved ones that have surely missed live music just as much as we have.

So take your time and delve into these easy, fun and very effective lessons. They pack a punch and will surely keep you entertained while making you a better guitar player as well.

Breathe deep, smile, tune up and have fun!

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