Monthly Practice Plan – July 2021

Summer is in full effect and I hope that you are spending time practicing and discovering the amazing world of guitar playing. Every month and every season is a new opportunity to keep learning and getting better at the instrument. Remember that patience is a key part of this beautiful path, and when combined with diligent practice, can work wonders.

This month features a nice variety of exercises that targets many facets of guitar playing, from fingerstyle to playing with a pick and many other techniques in between. Some exercises will be easier for you, while others might pose more of a challenge. Remember to take your time to learn new techniques or concepts well, as each is another step in your journey. 

They say that life is a journey, not a destination right? Well, you could say the same about guitar playing. Enjoy the ride and try to have a good time, even with the most challenging aspects being a musician. 

Breathe deep, smile, tune up and have fun!

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