Monthly Practice Plan – February 2022

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February is upon us and we bring you a nice variety of exercises to keep improving your ability on the guitar.  As you practice this, keep in mind that part of the beauty of this journey is that you can always improve if you are consistent and patient. 

This month we bring your several exercises based on some of the most famous guitar licks in history. We are going to be exploring different technical aspects that are involved in these famous musical fragments, so prepare to have some fun!

We are also going to work on minor arpeggios, ear training, and intervals. All of these are essential to becoming a good musician, so make sure you take your time to work on them. 

As always, take it slow first and don’t get too frustrated if something is not up to par from the get go. I promise that if you keep at it, you will conquer each of these exercises, which will in turn make you a better musician. So let’s dive in and have some fun! 

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