Monthly Practice Plan – April 2022

The Month of April is here, and we have put together a fantastic group of lessons for you. I hope you are practicing every day or at least on most days. Remember that this is the best way to progress as a musician.This month we are going to tackle several aspects and techniques that are central to guitar playing. We’ve got right hand finger independence exercises with some really cool fingerpicking patterns. These patterns will not only help you improve your technique, but also come in handy for songs you will play in the future. Additionally, we will also be working on learning new chords and remembering what they sound like. We’re going to use by-copy playing to truly develop your ears and further connect them with your hands and brain. Remember that the key is to go slow and patiently. We’re also going to be talking about keys and what are the main chords on some of the most common guitar keys.Have fun!

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