Monthly Practice Plan – April 2018

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  1. Tomas says:

    Oh… I almost forgot to mention.

    As you do the Practice Sessions in the Guitar Gym each month I will keep coming back at exercises with bar chords. This is an issue for everyone.

  2. Tomas says:

    Hi Tina,
    You are not alone with difficulties with this chord. Here are a few things that will help:

    1. Watch this new lesson (just released)
    2. Spend time preparing by doing bar chord exercises before even trying the F chord.
    3. Tomorrow I will release a lesson with exercises for practicing bar chords. Check on the home dashboard in the RECENT CONTENT section (lower right).
    4. You might try working on the full bar chord instead of the partial bar chord. For some it’s easier, and for others not so much.
    5. You also might want to start off practicing the G bar chord on the third fret first. The F bar chord is actually more difficult because of how close it is to the guitar nut. There’s more tension there.

    Think of it as a long-term plan as opposed to something you quickly conquer and move on. This is a big step for guitar players… But there will be a time in the future when it will seem funny that it was difficult.


  3. Hello Thomas,
    When trying to do the F cord I buckle my finger as you instruct, but when I go to put my fingers on the other strings it lays down. My fingers are short, but I would not call them fat. I am able to do the other cords, but can’t seem to get the bar, I tried the full bar, that’s even worse. Any suggestions? Thank you Tina.

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