3-7 Learn The Song Footprints In The Sand & Em & A7





Playing with a play-along track is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to practice. Don’t worry if you flub notes or get off time. Everything takes practice. Just play along the best you can!

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Just joined up today! After looking at a half dozen courses, I picked yours solely on your Youtube vids showing easier ways to play some of the tougher chords, like Bm for instance…nobody else seemed to come up with those “outs” that I can use while gaining some dexterity and strength in my left hand. I have played on and off for years, but am buckling down and getting serious this time. Just picked up a sweet Harmony Sovereign 1961 model 1203. I prefer vintage guitars to new ones – they got more soul! So, I expect to be hitting it just like Jimmy Page did on this model on Stairway very shortly…..(not)! Looking forward to this journey with you!

Tomas (Administrator) July 4, 2020 at 5:38 pm

Hi Dean… great to have you here. Thanks for jumping right into the conversation. I look forward to offering my help and support in any way I can.

Yes I agree…if you want to get good at something….you have to be consistent…. Great practice lesson
Thank you

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