3-2 The Sultry E Minor Chord




Our journey into open chords begins with the E minor chord. E minor is the biggest and fullest open chord. We’ll learn this chord, and I’ll also give you a few tips for success. Both in learning chords and practicing chords.

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I noticed I can press very lightly and still get my E minor. However, I also notice that I tend to put more pressure on the chords if not paying attention pressing harder than I need which makes fingers hurt a bit more or faster. So I will need to watch out for that and be cognitive of it.

I also notice as you so clearly point out in the lesson that placement is very important on the frets for the chords. So I can get my finger almost to the place where its almost on the fret bar but just off so its clear and not muted and it works great but that will take some practice I think.

Funny as I dont tend to push down hard on the scales unless doing bends and stuff.
Great lesson for new and not so new players thanks!

Good to go. I love this chord E Minor sad but very smoothing.

It seems like another way to finger the e minor would be to use 2nd and 3rd finger so you are ready for an e major.

Tomas (Administrator) May 15, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Yes… that’s usually the way I finger it out of habit.

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