10 Most Important Guitar Chords

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Welcome to the 10 most important guitar chords for beginners.

This is a short intense course on playing the open chords that are most used for most styles of acoustic guitar playing and can be used to play hundreds of songs.

I created this course mainly for the many budding guitar players who know how to play the basic chords but haven’t taken the time to practice them until they can change from one to the other smoothly.

It also can serve as a review if you feel you need one before going on to some of the other courses like this Strumming Mastery course for Fingerpicking Magic Course which assume you know how to play the basic chords.

If you are brand new to guitar and just learning the chords for the first time you may find this particular module a little too fast-paced. I recommend for the brand new beginner a more step-by-step approach like the Rapid Learning System 101 course which breaks things down into small steps to give you lots of opportunities for practicing.

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