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Learning Guitar Can Be Frustrating

I understand how learning to play guitar can be frustrating and confusing. Often you can practice something for weeks and not see progress. Nothing sounds right and it all seems disconnected

There's no clear path to getting where you want to go. Your not sure if you need more music theory, or to practice scales, or some secret ingredient that makes it all fall into place. 

There's never enough time to practice. Or you’re not sure what to practice to make good use of the time you have?

When you do practice do your fingers or wrist hurt? 

“Is this normal?” you wonder. “Am I doing something wrong?” How DO you know if you're improving or hurting yourself?

Maybe your fingers aren’t as flexible as they used to be. I know mine aren't. It's hard to know when it's a matter of flexibility or you're doing something wrong. 

That makes it hard to put your heart into it. Who wants to double down with troublesome hand positions and just develop bad habits faster?

To make things worse, there's this subtle but nagging voice that echoes from the back of your mind.  It goes something like this: “Maybe I’ll never get this. Do I have what it takes to be a “guitar player”?” Am I just wasting my time?”

I've been there and I get your struggles. Yes, from my own experience. But also as the director of Starland School of Music where I’ve interviewed thousands of students.

I can't magically make all the struggles go away, but I can help. Over the past 40 years of teaching I've made it my mission to find ways to smooth out the rough edges of the learning process.


Introducing Spanish Guitar For Beginners and Beyond

The outcome is my new online guitar learning program “Spanish Guitar For Beginners And Beyond”


Why an online program? More on that in a minute. 

First let me give you examples of how I make the learning process more enjoyable and less difficult.

I use Preemptive Preparation. I know that’s a mouthful. It simply means I know where the difficult places are and I prepare the student ahead of time, often without them even realizing it.  It just seems easy when you get there. 

I’ve composed tunes and filmed play-along videos that I refer to as “playing with the band”. This really livens things up and adds a new level of fun and excitement. It also speeds up learning coordination and rhythm.

I’ve created “Intimate View” play-along videos that mimics the process of a private lesson. I clearly show a large intimate view of both of my hands. It’s sort of like watching a football play up close on the big screen. I even give you three different speeds to make it as accessible as possible.

There are fun musical exercises, tabs and music notation for all the lessons, a live teaching/Q & A session, and many more small improvements that I’ve found helpful.

Each of these make learning a little easier, but they add up to an overall much better experience. 

All along the way I’m talking TO you in a calm, friendly voice, not AT you. No hype. No B.S. I let you know that, in no uncertain terms, you can do this. Just follow my lead and step by step we’ll get there.

I’ve thought deeply about this over many years.  I don't want to take your money and teach you a few songs or riffs. I know that's what a lot of the lessons out there are doing. But that's not enough. It's not enough for me.

What I want for you is to have an incredible learning experience where you feel empowered to make beautiful music on the guitar. To feel confident in your ability to learn and share music with others, and possibly even create your own music if you desire.

What will you learn?

I've divided the lessons into six modules or “adventures” and a live session to give demonstrations and answer questions. Here's a brief description of each module.

1ST ADVENTURE - Intro to Spanish Guitar

In this first Adventure, we'll explore the origins of the Spanish guitar sound and learn some important skills to help pave your way. Discover the musical influences that helped shape the Spanish guitar into the emotional instrument it is today. 

Get a preview of what's to come as you start building your musical toolbox. Whether you're just starting out or have played for years, this introductory module lays the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment from playing the guitar.

2ND ADVENTURE - Heart Of The "Spanish Sound"

We'll take the foundational techniques you’ve learned in the last chapter and apply them to crafting a beautiful melody. After introducing a few new chords we'll combine your growing arsenal of basic skills into a full song.

Even better, you’ll learn a unique technique for swift and seamless chord changes. Finally, we'll embark on learning one of the most iconic Spanish guitar songs of all time.

3RD ADVENTURE - Spanish Chords & Strums

In this next chapter you'll learn to play with “the band” - taking your skills far beyond solo practice. Not only will you improve your rhythm and coordination, but playing with other instruments introduces a whole new level of fun.

Then you’ll learn a series of rhythmic strumming patterns, building up to the vibrant “Flamenco Rumba” style made famous worldwide by the Gipsy Kings. We’ll apply your new musical skills by playing several lively songs that are sure to get people clapping along. 

5TH ADVENTURE - Creating Music On The Fly

We'll explore the exciting world of improvisation - being able to make up melodies on the spot. Many think improvising is a natural talent, but that's a myth. I'll show you it can be learned!

You'll follow a three step process. First, you'll learn the fundamental Flamenco scale. Then, add spicy riffs and catchy phrases to get people moving. With practice, you'll smoothly combine everything you've learned. 

4TH ADVENTURE - Flamenco Passion

It’s time to learn how to incorporate the Flamenco guitarist’s not-so-secret weapon - the thumb! This opens the doors to full bodied melodies and lively rhythms. You’ll also discover exotic new chord shapes and a classic Flamenco technique that brings new fire to your playing.

Then you’ll level up your new skills by jamming with “the band”. Whether you’re a beginner seeking new inspiration, or an experienced player wanting to elevate your style, this chapter will dramatically upgrade your guitar chops.

6TH ADVENTURE - Final Lessons/Course Review

Now it's time to apply all that you've learned! You'll combine all your new skills to several beautiful songs. Enjoy passionate romantic melodies that move people or get the party started with upbeat, foot-tapping Flamenco grooves.

Then I’ll give you a series of pro-tips for continuing to grow your talents long after completing this course. This chapter is about celebrating how far you've come and hinting at the amazing things you can achieve when dedication meets vibrant musical expression.

Here’s some unsolicited comments...

Giovanni Soave

currently in China

I was a hit!

"I'm a 52 year old British teacher, teaching English in China. Last week I was able to play a song for the first time to my students. I was a hit! I could not have done it without your great teaching. I still think you are the best guitar teacher out there and I have learnt so much from your online lessons."

Monique Hairston

Oakland, CA

Learned more in the past month than I did in several years...

"My playing has improved dramatically since I began his online program. I’ve learned a better way to approach learning the guitar. I love the easy-to-follow videos and that Tomas is always available to answer questions. I've learned more in the past month than I did in several years of trying to teach myself."

Herbert Burquez

St. Helena, CA

I like your presentations, techniques, and patience...

"I have taken private lessons, college guitar classes, and many online short courses. Many of the teachers were great guitarist, but I have found that you have been the best teacher. I like your presentations, techniques, and patience that you emit in your lessons."

Unlock This Course And Much More With My All Access Membership

Why not a single course fee?

I don't want to sell you some lessons and then leave you to fend for yourself.

This membership is a living breathing community. A group of like-minded people that are there to support you and share the journey.

I myself answer questions 6 days a week (I take Sundays off).

I use the feedback from students to update or add new lessons.

AND you'll have full access to all my courses, feedback systems and teaching tools to support you along your journey including…


Beginner's Journey

This signature RGS guitar course takes beginning students through the fundamentals of playing guitar step-by-step. Developed and refined over a period of 16 years, my method involves early preparation, fun tracks, and popular tunes to help students learn the essentials.

This course is perfect for beginners and can also be invaluable for experienced players to fill in any skill gaps.
6 Modules; 138 lessons.


Barre Chords For Everyone

For years saw students struggle with one of the most important yet difficult guitar skills - barre chords. That’s why I created this breakthrough course.

First, we’ll break barre chords down into bite-sized steps. Then, through fun exercises and songs, you’ll learn to move your fingers naturally into the right positions. Step-by-step barre chords emerge easily without tension and struggle.

Along the way, the fretboard will finally begin to make sense. You’ll recognize the interlocking patterns. Never again will the guitar seem like a daunting mystery.
5 Modules; 68 lessons.


Daily Guitar Sessions

Make amazing progress in just 10 minutes a day! I’ll guide you through the essential skills you need to play guitar and grow in confidence... while having fun!

First, I explain the “how and the why”… then I give you a series of “intimate view” play-along videos to practice along with. Check off each session daily to enter a monthly drawing.

New sessions every weekday!

Take A Peak Behind The Scenes of RGS...

Why an online program?

I love teaching students 1 on 1 in the same room. It's pure joy to see the wonder and excitement students experience as they learn new things and have the occasional “light bulb” moments.

People are busy nowadays. It's a nightmare to schedule a time that works for everyone. Even with complete scheduling flexibility I could only accommodate a few dozen students.

Making the lessons available online allows my work to reach an unlimited number of students.

You can study on your own schedule and at your own pace.

There's no forgetting the lesson. You can watch a video lesson as many times as you like and review anytime.

If something is confusing you don't have to wait until the next lesson.
You can ask questions anytime.

With my play-along video sessions you can practice with me anytime day or night.

My Spanish Guitar Story

It felt like I was in a dream. The cobblestone streets. The scent of fresh bread wafting from one of the local shops. The sun was setting on the picturesque 800 year old Cathedral in front of me. It could have been a travel magazine cover. This was my first trip to Spain and I was mesmerized.

I was even more enthralled with the music I was hearing. It was coming from what appeared to be a 12 year old boy sitting on the steps of the Cathedral playing the guitar. His fingers moved with lightning speed as he played an intricate Flamenco melody. It was beautiful, exciting and SCARY.

Why Scary?

I had just become interested in playing Spanish guitar. Watching the young dude play things I couldn’t imagine my fingers doing was humbling to say the least. My mind was racing with thoughts like “I'll never be able to play like that. Why even try? I should have started when I was younger. Maybe guitar is not for me”

That was many years ago. My guitar playing has come a long way since then. I’m not sure if I kept going because of or in spite of that experience. But without a doubt there was one big benefit I gained from that day on the streets of Spain… I understand how my students feel.

Here’s what people are saying about my teaching...

Shelagh Geller

Amsterdam, NL

...taught me to trust my learning capabilities again.

"After 6 months of practice and weekly lessons I experienced many of the classical pitfalls. I was becoming discouraged and didn’t notice much improvement. Then I found Tomas Michaud.

He turned my thinking around through his well thought out advice, learning systems and techniques. I will be forever grateful for such professional and easy-to-follow lessons. He has taught me to trust my learning capabilities again.

I can see clearly now the fog has gone! It's so much easier when you are taught how to study the guitar in a methodical and achievable way."

Alfredo Menocal

Orlando, FL

I look forward every day to come home and pick up my guitar to play...

"You truly are a wonderful teacher. You make the lessons enjoyable, clear and easy to follow even for a beginner like me. I look forward every day to come home and pick up my guitar to play along with your videos.

My goal is to someday play flamenco style guitar such as you play. You are my mentor. I love your CD's. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise."

Dr. Jimmy Graham

Evans, Georgia

Your teaching method and enthusiasm are contagious!

"Your commitment to teaching is amazing. I appreciate your instruction so much. It encourages me to keep trying when I hit a brick wall!

You are such a blessing to us struggling guitar guys. Your teaching method and enthusiasm are contagious!

Easy Start Guitar Success Plan

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3. Become the guitarist you've always wanted to be!

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Look at what past students have to say...

Jack Lockhart

Hereford, Arizona

You really have your heart in this and it shows.

“I was trying to use YouTube but it lacked structure. Then I found your lessons. They are well thought out and you walk us through our challenges. It's all the little stuff that puts the puzzle together.

You really have your heart in this and it shows. You do an excellent job of meeting our requests and anticipating our needs as students.”

Ria Botha 

 Limpopo Province, South Africa

... you walk me through my challenges.

"I am having a lot of fun learning through your videos. You explain it so well that it’s easy to understand. I can always go back to earlier lessons when I forget something. The challenges for me have been chord changes and strumming. But now I get it. Your lessons are well thought out and you walk me through my challenges."

Curt Berrien

Berkeley, CA

You are a great, caring teacher...

"Just a quick note to say how great I think your training is. You are a great, caring teacher and I really appreciate what you have put together here."

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m new to guitar?

I’ve been playing but I’m feeling stuck. Can Real Guitar Success help?

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What happens if I decide to cancel my membership? 

Your continued demonstrations of actually caring for your students and adjusting for the best way to teach us as well as inspire us is very much appreciated. I continue to be impressed.

Cliff Nielson // San Leandro, CA

Your awesome sessions taught me a lot! Playing guitar was always on my to do list, but my busy schedule and bad instructors led me to failure after failure! Until I stumbled upon your fantastic lessons, now I am about to start my second beginner adventure and so far I feel I am making great progress every day!

Marco Tahat // Dallas, TX

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for resurrecting my guitar talent after 4 decades. As a result I play my first official guitar accompaniment with my niece on piano at a family gathering. My family members, whom I’ve known for 7 decades, were amazed with my guitar playing. I have proudly mentioned your name "my guitar teacher" many times.

Michael Hari // San Leandro, CA