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Learning Guitar Can Be Frustrating

I understand how learning to play guitar can be frustrating and confusing. Often you can practice something for weeks and not see progress. Nothing sounds right and it all seems disconnected

There's no clear path to getting where you want to go. Your not sure if you need more music theory, or to practice scales, or some secret ingredient that makes it all fall into place. 

There's never enough time to practice. Or you’re not sure what to practice to make good use of the time you have?

When you do practice do your fingers or wrist hurt? 

“Is this normal?” you wonder. “Am I doing something wrong?” How DO you know if you're improving or hurting yourself?

Maybe your fingers aren’t as flexible as they used to be. I know mine aren't. It's hard to know when it's a matter of flexibility or you're doing something wrong. 

That makes it hard to put your heart into it. Who wants to double down with troublesome hand positions and just develop bad habits faster?

To make things worse, there's this subtle but nagging voice that echoes from the back of your mind.  It goes something like this: “Maybe I’ll never get this. Do I have what it takes to be a “guitar player”?” Am I just wasting my time?”

I've been there and I get your struggles. Yes, from my own experience. But also as the director of Starland School of Music where I’ve interviewed thousands of students.

I can't magically make all the struggles go away, but I can help. Over the past 40 years of teaching, I've made it my mission to find ways to smooth out the rough edges of the learning process.


Introducing Real Guitar Success


Why an online program? More on that in a minute. 

First let me give you examples of how I make the learning process more enjoyable and less difficult.

I use Preemptive Preparation. I know that’s a mouthful. It simply means I know where the difficult places are and I prepare the student ahead of time, often without them even realizing it.  It just seems easy when you get there. 

I’ve composed tunes and filmed play-along videos that I refer to as “playing with the band”. This really livens things up and adds a new level of fun and excitement. It also speeds up learning coordination and rhythm.

I’ve created “Intimate View” play-along videos that mimics the process of a private lesson. I clearly show a large intimate view of both of my hands. It’s sort of like watching a football play up close on the big screen. I even give you three different speeds to make it as accessible as possible.

There are fun musical exercises, tabs and music notation for all the lessons, a live teaching/Q & A session, and many more small improvements that I’ve found helpful.

Each of these make learning a little easier, but they add up to an overall much better experience. 

All along the way I’m talking TO you in a calm, friendly voice, not AT you. No hype. No B.S. I let you know that, in no uncertain terms, you can do this. Just follow my lead and step by step we’ll get there.

I’ve thought deeply about this over many years.  I don't want to take your money and teach you a few songs or riffs. I know that's what a lot of the lessons out there are doing. But that's not enough. It's not enough for me.

What I want for you is to have an incredible learning experience where you feel empowered to make beautiful music on the guitar. To feel confident in your ability to learn and share music with others, and possibly even create your own music if you desire.

What Does It Include?

As part of this one-time-only offer, you’ll receive an All Access Pass to my entire Real Guitar Success membership, including:

- Daily Guitar Sessions ($997 value)
My incredibly effective system keeps you’re guitar learning adventure exciting while making regular progress and without having to decide what to practice each day.

Each week, we’ll dissect a song through the five pillars of guitar playing. Each day, you'll get a new lesson that delves into one aspect of the song, employing one of these pillars. Upon reaching the end of the week, we'll put it all together.

Laura Love of New York said this about the Daily Guitar Sessions:

I absolutely LOVE IT. I look forward to it every day. It is the perfect mix for learning and practicing." - Laura Love; New York, NY

Complete Library of Courses ($1915 value):
- The Beginner’s Journey ($297 value)
- Barre Chords For Everyone ($197 value)
- Spanish Guitar For Beginner’s And Beyond ($197 value)
- Fingerstyle Adventures 1 & 2 ($254 value)
…and 10 more including Fretboard Logic, Classic Licks & Riffs, Strumming, Guitar Theory, Ear Training… ($970 value).

Of course, you’ll have access to the cornerstones of my program, including RGS Live sessions, personalized coaching, community feedback, shorter Quick Win lessons, and much more. 

Get the support of being a full member and access to over $2912 worth of lessons for only $67 for 6 months.


Take A Peak Behind The Scenes of RGS...

Why an online program?

I love teaching students one-on-one in the same room. It's pure joy to see the wonder and excitement students experience as they learn new things and have the occasional “light bulb” moments.

People are busy nowadays. It's a nightmare to schedule a time that works for everyone. Even with complete scheduling flexibility, I could only accommodate a few dozen students.

Making the lessons available online allows my work to reach an unlimited number of students.

You can study on your own schedule and at your own pace.

There's no forgetting the lesson. You can watch a video lesson as many times as you like and review it at any time.

If something is confusing, you don't have to wait until the next lesson. You can ask questions anytime.

With my play-along video sessions, you can practice with me anytime, day or night.

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"I'm so confident that you’ll find the Real Guitar Success an incredible value that you have 30 days to change your mind. I won’t make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions."

Look at what past students have to say...

Jack Lockhart

Hereford, Arizona

You really have your heart in this and it shows.

“I was trying to use YouTube but it lacked structure. Then I found your lessons. They are well thought out and you walk us through our challenges. It's all the little stuff that puts the puzzle together.

You really have your heart in this and it shows. You do an excellent job of meeting our requests and anticipating our needs as students.”

Ria Botha 

 Limpopo Province, South Africa

... you walk me through my challenges.

"I am having a lot of fun learning through your videos. You explain it so well that it’s easy to understand. I can always go back to earlier lessons when I forget something. The challenges for me have been chord changes and strumming. But now I get it. Your lessons are well thought out and you walk me through my challenges."

Curt Berrien

Berkeley, CA

You are a great, caring teacher...

"Just a quick note to say how great I think your training is. You are a great, caring teacher and I really appreciate what you have put together here."

Your continued demonstrations of actually caring for your students and adjusting for the best way to teach us as well as inspire us is very much appreciated. I continue to be impressed.

Cliff Nielson // San Leandro, CA

Your awesome sessions taught me a lot! Playing guitar was always on my to do list, but my busy schedule and bad instructors led me to failure after failure! Until I stumbled upon your fantastic lessons, now I am about to start my second beginner adventure and so far I feel I am making great progress every day!

Marco Tahat // Dallas, TX

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for resurrecting my guitar talent after 4 decades. As a result I play my first official guitar accompaniment with my niece on piano at a family gathering. My family members, whom I’ve known for 7 decades, were amazed with my guitar playing. I have proudly mentioned your name "my guitar teacher" many times.

Michael Hari // San Leandro, CA