Share With The Community

Once you've completed the course (or are close to completing the course) I want to invite you to share one lesson or exercise with the community. You get the choose what you'd like to share. You do this by recording something with your phone, uploading it to YouTube, and posting the link in the community forum.


  1. You'll encourage others
  2. Give others a chance to give you encouragement
  3. You'll have a goal that's bigger than yourself

When you share your work it changes your consciousness about what it's for. Instead of keeping things yourself you become part of a community and a joint effort. Of course it's a little scary. But in the supportive of community of RGS the fear goes away quickly when you realize everyone's in a similar place. Ultimately it provides more motivation and enthusiasm for practicing and sharing more.

It works! It's become an integral part of my own personal development and it's worked for me for many others.

How do I create a video and share it?

It's easier than you think. Watch this: 

How To Create A Video With Your Phone And Share It


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