Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 1st Adventure : Introduction to Spanish Guitar

Start learning and developing the critical foundational skills for playing guitar. Whether you are a beginner or experienced guitarist, this adventure will set you on the right path to success.

Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 2nd Adventure : Essence of “The Spanish” Sound

Immerse yourself in the essence of Spanish guitar. Learn fingerpicking styles, basic chords, and easy songs to bring out the music’s soul. Express yourself through this vibrant genre.

Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 3rd Adventure : Basic Spanish Chords & Strums

Advance your skills with new techniques. Master the Gipsy Kings strum and exciting chords/arpeggios. Apply your growing skills to fun, crowd-pleasing songs you can play with confidence.

Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 4th Adventure : Flamenco Passion

Level up your flamenco technique. Incorporate thumb patterns and build on past lessons for a well-rounded skill set. Your passion and talents will shine as you progress.

Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 5th Adventure : Creating Music On The Fly

Unlock your creativity and improvisation abilities. Learn tools and applications to play Spanish guitar spontaneously and beautifully. Your musical intuition will blossom through self-expression.

Spanish Guitar for Beginners | 6th Adventure : Final Lessons and Course Review

Put all you’ve learned to music. Perform several beautiful pieces that let your enhanced skills shine. You’ll also gain insight to continuously grow your abilities and artistry on this exciting musical journey.