Real Guitar Live #56 | Q & A – 5 Essential Guitar Theory Tips


We had a great time in today’s Real Guitar Live Q&A Session! We went over my 5 Essential Music Theory Tips for Beginner Guitar Players, plus I gave out a BONUS tip! Some great questions came up regarding strumming techniques, how to best play bar chords, as well as how to deal with making mistakes while practicing a song, plus many more!

Thank you to all who made it, and to those of you who would like to make it to my next session, tune in on the first Thursday of any month at 12 pm P.T.  The next session will be on Thursday, April 7th! Mark your calendars!!

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Resources Mentioned:

Shuffle (Triplet) Strum

Blues Guitar Lessons: Shuffle Rhythm on Guitar <<

Backing Tracks for Guitar

How To Find Backing Tracks For Guitar <<

Strumming With Your Fingers

How to Strum a Guitar With Your Fingers <<

Practicing Guitar With A Metronome

How to Practice Guitar With A Metronome << (available 3/15/22)

Reading Standard Notation

This is the book I mentioned I used for working on reading music. I liked this a lot but it might be pretty intense depending on your level and your goals.

Reading Studies for Guitar – Leavitt <<

For many, a more practical way to learn note-reading is to study classical guitar. Classical is often taught by learning a processive series of exercises and songs by reading standard notation. This is a popular book I used years ago for this.

Solo Guitar Playing – Book 1 <<

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